Hall of fame


Congratulations to the athletes, builders/administrators, officials/volunteers/professors, coaches and honorary members for their induction into the Hall of Game of the ASSOCIATION SPORTIVE DES SOURDS DU QUÉBEC:



Danielle Rousseau
Alpine skiing athlete who has participated 5 times in the Winter Deaflympics (Banff - 1991, Finland - 1995, Switzerland - 1999, Sweden - 2003, USA - 2007). She was also supposed to take part in the Dealympics in Slovakia in 2011, which were unfortunately canceled at the last minute. This is a record attendance for a Quebec Deaf athlete.



Michael Raby
Captain of Quebec curling team that accumulates sporting honors for several years. He holds a record of 21 participations in Canadien Deaf Curlin Championships since 1982 where he won the championship 5 times (1996, 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2008). He also won the gold medal at the Winter Deaflympics in 2007 and won the title of 'World Champion' at the World Deaf Curling Championship in 2009. Has been designated 'All-Star' 3 times at Canadien Championships and once at the World Championship. He also has other sporting achievements with the Hearing.



Gérard Labrecque
Former versatile athlete and ASSQ president. Now bowler, he once participated in the 1971 Winter Deaflympics in alpine skiing where he finished 6th and participated in several competitions in table tennis. Through his involvement and volunteering with ASSQ, he contributed exceptionally to the development of sport of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.



Martin Morisset
Secretary and faithful volunteer on the ASSQ Board of Directors for nearly 9 years, he is a speaker from yesterday who made an outstanding contribution to sport development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Quebec. Former ice hockey player, he was also the charman of Pan American Deaf Youth Games which took place in Montreal in 2004 and took up the challenge with master hand.



The ASSQ group founder (builder/administrator)
- Paul ArcandFondateursASSQ
- Jean-Claude Rousseau
- Richard Gingras
- Dorothée St-Onge
- Robert Briere
- Peter Lechensky
- Jacques Grandmont

On January 13, 1968, a group of deaf people coming from everywhere in Quebec is found in Montreal and decided to create a provincial association to organize sports for the deaf. The group agreed on the name of the Association amateur des sports des Sourds du Québec. In October 1973, members adopted a new name: Fédération sportive des Sourds du Québec. In March 1992, at a special meeting of delegates and the Board of Directors to obtain a charitable number, the name changed to the Association sportive des sourds du Québec (ASSQ), which still the name today. In 1971, the 1st Quebec Deaf Games were held in Montreal. It was a triumph for this first edition that included sports such as tennis, running, volleyball, table tennis and swimming. Over the years, the Games have evolved and grown and with the support of the ASSQ, several athletes have developed and improved, while out of their isolation. Today, the mission of the ASSQ remains the same and we continue to encourage the practice of physical and sports activities. The ASSQ thank the builders / founders without whom ASSQ would not become what it is today.