Financial Assistance

All athletes or teams participating in compétitions or selection camps at the provincial and national levels that are recognized by the Canadian Sport Federations or the Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA) can request financial assistance.

A flat amount will be added if the athlete is a full-time student for at least a year.

The substitute athlete is not eligible to receive financial assistance.

For the group competing a the national level

Items that can be refunded by the ASSQ

  • CDSA membership;
  • Accomodation;
  • Registration fees for the group at the event

Items that are not refunded by the ASSQ

  • Transport from a city to another;
  • Transport to the event and competition site;
  • Meals

The ASSQ also offers administrative support such as

  • Accounting;
  • Hotel bookings;
  • Transport bookings;
  • Combo payment.

Financial assistance for the group is only available once every two years.

Financial Assistance Policy (fr)

Requirements and terms of access to the financial assistance program (fr)

Financial Assistance Form