Placements Sports

What is it?


Sports Placement is a matching donation program managed by SPORTS QUÉBEC, and it aims to help the Quebec Sport Federations to better develop sports under their govern, offer a better service to individuals and encourage them in leading an active and sane lifestyle.

How does it work?

The program aims to encourage individuals, groups and foundations in making donations to the Quebec Sport Federations. For each donation received, Sports Placement will add an amount of money to the Federation that will be between 50 and 300 per cent of the value of the donation. This percentage is calculated according to the size of the Federation. The matching percentage for the ASSQ is 270 per cent.

Sports Placement will allow Sport Federations to increase and diversify their revenue while promoting the creation of long-term and predictable sources of revenue. At the end, everyone wins!

Positive Impact

The ASSQ will be able to better serve Deaf and hard of hearing people in Quebec, expand its sport programs and encourage everyone in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Eligibility of donations

Only donations of $25 or more made by individuals, groups or foundations are eligible for Sports Placement. Donators will receive an official income tax receipt valid in Quebec and Canada.

Impact of Donations

Examples of donations:

Donation Amount Matching Percentage Total for ASSQ Tax Savings Real cost of your donation
25$ 270% 93$ 8,75$ 16,25$
100$ 270% 370$ 35$ 65$
250$ 270% 925$ 96,50$ 153,50$


Impact of Donations