Programs per session

Policy on Percentage Investment in Sports Programs and Physical Activities (in French)

Payment and Refund Policy (in French)

Participation in a ASSQ Sport Program

The ASSQ organizes sport programs or physical activities of five to 12 sessions by semester with Deaf/hard of hearing coaches or teachers using sign language.

A minimum of six participants is required in each program.

Integration in a program or sports league offered by another association or organization for which the interpreter service is required

A minimum of four (4) Deaf or Hard of Hearing people can register directly in a hearing program or sports league in their area for large cities like the greater metropolitan area of Montreal and Quebec City and Gatineau.

For other cities, a minimum of three (3) Deaf and Hard of Hearing people is required.  

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These participants must be members of the ASSQ. By providing a proof of their registration to a program, the ASSQ will provide an interpreter.